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In Uganda only 30% of girls are enrolled in secondary school and one third of girls who enrol in primary school are still in school at the age of 18. There are even greater disparities in rural areas where most girls are not enrolled in school or forced to drop out due to early marriage, pregnancy, a lack of value in girls’ education, and a lack of women teachers to provide critical role models and support to girls. More women teachers will provide thousands of rural girls with access to school.

Less than 20% of secondary teachers in Uganda are women. Increasing the number of qualified and trained women teachers in rural Uganda represents a huge opportunity to increase the quality of secondary education for all, increase girls’ access to and completion of secondary education, and provide important role models for girls and their communities. Women teachers will be influential ambassadors for girls’ education and build support in communities for girls to attend school.

An increase in qualified women teachers in rural Uganda has the potential to create a huge impact on girls’ education in the country. The project will enable around 2500 more girls to attend school over ten years. Educated girls and women are better equipped to participate effectively in society, to protect themselves from harm and to care for their children. Children of educated women are healthier and far more likely to go to school, creating long-term positive effects for generations.