Finnish Federation of Graduate Women

Suomen Akateemisten Naisten Liitto – Finlands Kvinnliga Akademikers Förbund ry.

Who We Are

Finnish Federation of Graduate Women is a non-governmental organization for female university graduates residing in Finland. We are committed to promote gender equality in higher education and work life. We encourage our members to reach their full potential and to co-operate with different professional fields.

Currently, we have 18 local associations, two of which are Swedish-speaking. We also have 65 sister organizations across the globe.

If you have a university degree, you are most welcome to apply for our membership. We also accept members with degrees from universities of applied sciences.

What We Do

We promote our members’ expertise in society.

The FFGW is an active participant in issues regarding the role of women in society. It arranges meetings and seminars, has a consultant status in issues regarding higher education.

The FFGW is also responsible for Auroras and Let’s Read Together networks which both support immigrant women in integrating into Finnish Society.

The FFGW cooperates with several national non-governmental organizations on mutual themes.

A magazine for members, Minerva is published twice a year.

The FFGW is a member of University Women of Europe, UWE ( and the Nordic network Kvinnliga Akademikers Nordiska Nätverk, KANN.

The FFGW was also a member of the Graduate Women International, GWI (previously known as International Federation of University Women, IFUW) until December 2016. We encourage all Finnish graduate women to seek an independent membership in the GWI. The GWI works to empower women and girls through lifelong education, for leadership, decision-making and peace. GWI has national affiliates in more than 50 countries. It also has observer´s status in the UN, ECOSOC and UNESCO. Every three years a world wide conference is held for its members. In 2019, the triennial was held in Switzerland.

Contact Us

Kirsi Jokikokko
E-mail: kirsi.jokikokko(a)

Coordinator of International Relations (CIR, CER)
Jutta Hartikainen
E-mail: hartikainenjutta(a)

Finnish Federation of Graduate Women
Fredrikinkatu 33 A 402, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 45 869 1617


This page was last updated 17 July 2023.

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