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REGISTER NOW: 23. – 25.9.2022 UWE conference and AGM in Kyrenia

We are pleased to invite you to the next UWE Conference and AGM, Kyrenia, on 23rd– 25th September 2022 to celebrate together 25 years of the Turkish Cypriot Association of University Women (TCAUW) and 42 years since University Women of Europe (UWE) was founded as regional group of International Federation of University Women (IFUW – now GWI).

Kyrenia is the hidden jewel of the Mediterranean full of magnificent historical monuments that provide timeless glimpses of glorious days gone by. The Kyrenia Harbour is a great example of the town’s rich history, with streets of old Kyrenia town exuding Ottoman architecture, leading up to the Venetian-built Kyrenia Castle beautifully towering over the harbour. The list continues with the breathtaking St. Hilarion Castle up on the mountain top and the Bellapais Abbey in set in one of the most beautiful villages on the island, as well as museums housing relics of the past.

We are looking forward to meeting you with interesting topics: Women and sustainable environment. The speakers as well as a detailed programme will be announced very soon, including information about the registration.

The Conference will take place at the Acapulco Convention Centre along the coastline and is open to all members of the University Women of Europe and their friends.

For more information and registration, please visit UWE’s website https://uweboard.wordpress.com/2022/06/09/registration-open-uwe-agm-kyrenia-cyprus/

Matkakavereita voit kysellä valtakunnallisesta jäsenryhmästämme Facebookissa: https://www.facebook.com/groups/525435247623131

Vierumäen tapahtumamme siirtyy ensi vuoteen

Elokuulle kaavaillut Yhteisölliset virkistäytymispäivät siirtyvät syksyyn 2023. Ilmoittautumisia valtakunnalliseen tapahtumaan tuli vain kolmannes odotetusta. Ensi vuonna uusi yritys!

SAVE THE DATE: 12.11.2022 Nordic-Baltic webinar

Terveisiä Ruotsin Akateemisilta Naisilta: Itämeren alueen seminaari järjestetään jälleen ensi syksynä – tällä kertaa Tukholmassa! Merkitsethän päivän jo kalenteriisi. Lisätietoja saamme syyskuussa.

Nordic-Baltic webinar: Violence in close relations and ageism – consequences of the Pandemic

The Swedish Association of Graduate Women hereby invites you to take part in a webinar November 12. The plan is that the seminar will be accessible both in physical form and online by Zoom. The physical part will take place in Stockholm. It will give us a chance to know each other better. In connection with the conference we will also have a business meeting, discussing the future of our Nordic-Baltic cooperation. You will have further information about the conference in September when the final programme is set up.

Best wishes from Anne-Marie Morhed
PhD, President of the Swedish Association of Graduate Women